July 26, 2011

Plotter-Pantser: Talking with Author CHAMSIL

The Writer

CHAMSIL is an author with over ten years of creative writing experience. CHAMSIL possesses multi-dimensionality as he can easily tailor his writing style to a variety of genres, which include urban, erotica, suspense, comedy, horror, etc. CHAMSIL has the ability to draw in an audience with his storytelling and imagery. CHAMSIL has never been one to bite his tongue on controversial topics such as sex, rape, abuse, murder, etc. He definitely likes to keep it raw and most importantly real, because he strongly feels that if he can't convey his feelings in the realest way that he knows how, then he is performing a true disservice to all readers out there. CHAMSIL possesses and intense passion for writing and is always brainstorming new concepts, which keep his creativity as fresh as it possibly can be. At the end of the day, CHAMSIL feels that it is all about four major components: hunger, determination, drive and passion to get your voice out there and be heard and most importantly...respected. CHAMSIL is the complete creative package. You get all of him and nothing less.

This is the heart, mind, body and soul of CHAMSIL.

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The Book

For Unbeknownst:

Memphis, Tennessee, 20th century.

Jamin Edson is a young business professional, boyfriend, and father of one who sorely lacks the connection, but is seeking love and acceptance within the confines of his family structure. Although, he has longed for this interaction, it has seemed so far from his reach. So far, that he continuously feels defeated. Lindsay Beauregard is a young business professional, girlfriend, and mother of one who is inflexible in every stretch of the imagination. She is very aggressive, opinionated and does things entirely in the manner in which she feels they need to be done. Hope Edson is a young child and daughter of Jamin and Lindsay, who becomes an unfortunate victim of circumstance and entangled in the web that is her parents’ tumultuous and challenging relationship. When Jamin makes the drastic decision to flee the city, abandoning his family in a last ditch effort to escape the persistent and volatile drama, Lindsay is left with no choice but to pick up the remaining pieces of the shattered mirror. Sadly, Hope is also forced to pick up a piece in order to reflect on her life and where she’s headed, even at a very young age.

Take a journey into their worlds in order to see how lives are forever changed and how those same lives run in parallel to one another in entirely different environments over a span of a number of years. Witness the trials and tribulations, heartache and pain, successes, pitfalls, and shortcomings that are the result of one fateful decision. There are many lessons to be learned. Life goes on. Life brings about new experiences. Life has inevitable challenges. Life isn’t always what it seems. But, ultimately, life catches up with you, sooner or later. The only question is…will you be ready when it does?

This is Unbeknownst.

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Plotter ... Pantser

Are you a plotter or pantser...and why? Talk to us about your plotter/pantser role as it relates to the experience you had in writing your latest publication.
You have introduced a very interesting topic, Ms. Bacon, and I must say that I am on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to the writing that I have done, albeit published or non-published over the course of my literary career. Please allow me to elaborate in more detail. I write in both traditional and non-traditional (floetic) formats. When I started writing my very first novel, Unbeknownst, in the Spring of 2005, I totally had to outline it in order to adequately conceptualize how I wanted all the pieces to come together and ultimately become the powerful story that it is. Unbeknownst is written in traditional format. I needed that structure and baseline to not only help strengthen me as a writer, but more importantly help me truly understand how a traditionally-written book should be assembled. My initial outline was a great start, but of course as time went on I had to add things, take things out, make changes, so on and so forth in order to give it the meat that it needed to make an impact. In between me finishing and releasing Unbeknownst as a published product, I wrote and released a free traditionally-written novel, Of This Analverse (An Erotiq Comedy) via MySpace in 2008. This also had to be outlined in order to make sure that it was structurally sound. This was deemed a success by those who read it and it was thoroughly enjoyed and readers had plenty to say about what they experienced with that effort.

Now, on the flipside with my non-traditional (floetic) writing, I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants on those. I have written so many poems that it's crazy. I'm talking thousands. I can be so much more spontaneous and words seems to come to me at so much of a faster rate that it actually excites and challenges me more when I write this way. In a way, floetic is my first love. But, I totally can create in both ways. I've published two books written in the non-traditional format. These books are the LOAD memoirs (An Erotiq Anthology) and Breaux (An Urban Nightmare). I'm actually able to take the reader on such a visually stimulating journey that I feel eclipses the effectiveness that a traditionally-written effort can bring forth. Many people who have purchased my books have shared their thoughts and enjoyment levels with reading something so different and unlike the norm, that they appreciated it more. One thing people could never say about me is that I did it like this person or that person. My writing style, my topics, and overall the way I go about approaching a project is one of a kind. I truly believe that.

My most recent publication is Breaux (An Urban Nightmare) which I released in May of 2011. It's just a wild literary ride. As I rewind the clock back to 2008, I had multiple projects that I was working on. I've slowed down a little bit since then, but I was on a mission to open minds. I was still working on Unbeknownst. Of This Analverse was being written for web release. I conceptualized the LOAD memoirs and Breaux and started slowly but surely putting those together. I was writing other short stories and putting those out there. I was in full scale attack mode. I always knew that Unbeknownst, the LOAD memoirs and Breaux would be my first three published efforts. My vision became a reality. I've worked so hard for this. But, I'm just beginning to scratch the surface. I do believe in myself and strongly believe that a creative mind will outlast the cookie cutter formula to writing books any day. Even if it takes a while to open eyes, I will never stop being who I am.

i am CHAMSIL and i am a plotter AND a pantser.

The Excerpt

From Unbeknownst


A person’s vocal inflexion can dictate a certain level of emotion at any given moment.

“I am so fucking sick and tired of arguing with you all the damn time!” Jamin yelled with a scowl of disgust plastered all over his face.

“Well, if you wouldn’t be so damn stupid, I wouldn’t have to argue with your stupid ass, hear?!” Lindsay responded with a scowl on her face possessing even more intensity.

Lindsay Beauregard and Jamin Edson, a young couple, had been in a relationship for about four years. Trust, it had been a rocky four years, too. They made their home in Whitehaven; a neighborhood located on the south side of Memphis, Tennessee. Both being natives of the Memphis area, they met while attending college at Memphis State University. It was love at first sight and they became damn near inseparable.

But, set the clock forward and one could easily assume that these two individuals hated each other with a passion. But, the regression in their relationship did not happen overnight. Things were real good early on and they did everything together. They worked hard. They played hard. But, most importantly, they loved hard. But, things started to change about a year after their daughter, Hope, was born.

Granted, the couple experienced hardships, but Jamin slowly started to see how Lindsay treated him differently. She stopped paying him much attention, which caused him to become bitter. He had become so infuriated with the situation that there were several occasions where Hope would be crying persistently, and he would never leave his permanent post in the living room to see what the problem was. He would simply ignore her cries and keep doing what it was that he wanted to do. This was regardless if Lindsay was at home or not.

Arguments occurred quite regularly around their home, and Hope was in close proximity during the majority of them. Lindsay tried her hardest to shield Hope from the tumultuous and dysfunctional side of her and Jamin’s relationship. However, that was easier said than done. Lindsay understood how critical it was, because she was a product of an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. She could still vividly recall seeing punches and slaps as a child, as if it had just happened yesterday.

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