November 29, 2010

2011 Feature Topics at All the Blog's a Page

The following are topics to be covered on All the Blog's a Page [website] during 2011. Author features will be bi-monthly, with some features focusing on genres and subject matter and other features focusing on discussion pertaining to writing.

I'm currently finalizing authors for January; however, if you would like consideration in being featured for another month in 2011, please e-mail me!

TOPIC: Defining the "Good Book"

MARCH 2011
TOPIC: Death and Writing

MAY 2011
TOPIC: Ingredients to Making a Great Character

JULY 2011
TOPIC: Domestic Violence

TOPIC: Plotter vs. Pantser

TOPIC: Sci-Fi / Fantasy

November 8, 2010

Finding Space to Write ~ Latest Blood-Red Pencil Post

At The Blood-Red Pencil, I'm back with my latest Writing in 140 blog post; this time, I'm looking at SPACES, specifically the spaces you write in. Come read about where I do my best writing and share with us where you like to make your characters come to life! Here's the [LINK] directly to the post!

The Blood-Red Pencil
Sharp and pointed observations about good writing

November 5, 2010

Two Tips to Spark Your Writing ~ Latest The Write Life for You Article

Becoming a Lifelong Learner of the Craft of Writing

By author, editor, educator Shonell Bacon aka ChickLitGurrl™

The Write Life for You is a series of articles on the writing craft. Since 2008, I have written articles focused on building character, developing a solid plot, and harnessing a writing style--to name a few.

November's article fits really well with the month, considering it's NaNoWriMo. If you're feeling a little stuck and unsure of what to write about, in my latest piece, I share two tips with you to get you going--and one combines a little Chinese food eating with your writing!

Head to APOOOBOOKS.COM to read my latest article in The Write Life for You series!