April 9, 2012

Latest Writing in 140 at Blood-Red Pencil: Situating Oneself in the Publishdom

Today at The Blood-Red Pencil, I present another of my Writing in 140 commentaries, "Situating Oneself in the Publishdom." Check it out, leave comments, and share it with others! Here's a link. Be on your way!

March 26, 2012

Android Apps for Writing ~ Latest BRP Commentary

Today, over at one of my fave places, The Blood-Red Pencil, we're talking about writing apps for Android!

I write about three apps that I use on my Android tablet for my writing endeavors. Come read about what apps keep me writing and give us the 411 on apps you use! Head to BRP now!

January 9, 2012

Writing in 140: Seeing Down Writing Journey's Road - Latest BRP Commentary

Where do you see your writing self in 5 years? 10? Check out my latest post on BLOOD-RED PENCIL "Seeing Down Writing Journey's Road" and answer this question and more for yourself!

Check it out here, and leave comments!

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