May 26, 2011

Organic Description - Latest Blood-Red Pencil Post

Description in storytelling is one of those things that can make a story sing or make a story sink. In my latest Blood-Red Pencil post, "Writing in 140: Organic Description," I talk about the importance of weaving description into your story instead of clumping long passages of description into a work, thus slowing the pace of reading for the reader. Check it out here, [LINK], and leave comments!

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May 14, 2011

Part 4 of 5-Part Book to Screen Series LIVE @ APOOO Bookclub

In the first three parts of the five-part series, Book to Screen, I offered advice on books and software to help you on the scriptwriting journey, seeing your book as a visual story, and seeing your book within a movie structure frame.

In this next part, I talk about the actual writing of the script, with short discussion on major story components, such as action, character, and dialogue.

Big thank you to those who have e-mailed about the series, have learned from it thus far, and are actually interested in now turning their books into possible screenplays!

Now, let's move forward in this journey! To read my latest The Write Life for You article in the Book to Screen series, head to APOOO Bookclub via this [link].

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May 9, 2011

Completely Whole Virtual Blog Tour!

As part of Paulette Harper's Completely Whole Virtual Blog Tour, we give readers insight into the Paulette's own words. Listen to the podcasts below!

About the Book:

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May 8, 2011

Latest Write-Up for Daily Tablet ~~ Visualizing Your Story

Do you know what the Daily Tablet [link] is?

Daily Tablet is a new site, and its goal is to deliver the latest, greatest, hottest and coolest writer-friendly stuff directly to your inbox each weekday.

As a DT Expert, I provide monthly little tidbits that are aimed at providing writers with inspiration to, well, WRITE!

For May, I'm giving some insight into my Writers Boot Camp, particularly the third step in the process where writers are asked to visualize the beginning, the point of conflict, and the ending of their stories.

Come check out "A Look into Writers Boot Camp, Part Three: Visualizing Your Story"!

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Here's the [link]!