February 26, 2011

A Writer's "Defining Moment" Book ~ Latest Commentary at Blood-Red Pencil

I like to think there is a book in every writer's memory that made him or her go, "Yes, I would like to write" or "Hmm, I think I might try this genre." In my latest commentary at The Blood-Red Pencil, "A Writer's 'Defining Moment' Book," I write about the book that made me try my hand at writing mysteries/suspense. Want to know what the book is? Want to know why this book? Then head over to BRP now [LINK] to read my commentary and also share YOUR "defining moment" book!

The Blood-Red Pencil
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February 21, 2011

Indie-Friendly Book Reviewers

I came across this link the other day, and I think it's a good one to check out, especially for those who are self- or indie-published and for those who publish their works for Kindle. There are a slew of reviews on this list who do read and review these works, so check them out. Link is provided [here].

February 14, 2011

Giving Love to Writers' Hands

As part of the new Blood-Red Pencil feature, The Care and Feeding of the Writer, my latest BRP post celebrates Valentine's Day by suggesting how writers can give love and appreciation to the busy little worker bees in their arsenal: the hands. Come by BRP today and read my commentary, and also share remedies you use to take care of your hardworking hands! Here's the link!

The Blood-Red Pencil
Sharp and pointed observations about good writing

Take Five with Erotic Romance Author Leigh Ellwood

ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING's featured author for February is an author who knows a thing or two about letting words set flames upon the page for readers: erotic romance author Leigh Ellwood!

During the interview, I asked Leigh, What draws you to write erotic romance? She replied, "I would say what draws me to this genre is what draws me to writing mystery, or non-erotic romance - the potential for telling a good story. With erotic romance, I have the chance to live a few fantasies I likely wouldn't try in real life (nothing I would admit to having done, anyway!) I tend to inject quite a bit of humor in my stories as well, and I like to test that in some erotic stories I write just to see if it works. The genre is very flexible, and it's fun to realize new ideas."

Stop by ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING to check out more of my interview with author Leigh Ellwood and to read an excerpt of her latest romantic treat, BOONE!

ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING

Chocolate-caramel lattes + Women writers = ONE GREAT TIME!


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February 12, 2011

Promo Your Book with FIRSTS


These days, writers need to grab the reader on the first page. Firsts is a new segment that will be featured on ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING [website] and/or All the Blog's a Page [website]. With Firsts, authors can send to me the first page of their novel and the following information:

  • Book cover
  • Book description (what we'd read on the back cover of your novel
  • Author pic
  • Short author bio (what we might read on the back cover of your novel or the author page within your novel)

I will schedule the feature on one of the above sites and send out alerts on the feature's post on various social media outlets.

What I envision Firsts to be is that sneak peek into a novel that often moves us to take a book to the counter of a bookstore and buy it.

If you'd like to have your first promoted on CLG or AtBaP, e-mail me.

February 7, 2011

Book to Screen, Pt. 2 ~ Seeing Book as a Visual Story [APOOO Bookclub]

I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die. ~ Isaac Asimov

Back in December, I began the Book to Screen series at APOOO Bookclub, and this month, I bring you part two of the five-part series, Seeing Book as a Vistual Story.

A lot of us novelists claim to see our stories visually when we write them; however, there is a difference between the "visual" we see as novelists and how that "visual" can be transferred into a screenplay, and this piece talks about that.

To read my latest The Write Life for You article in the Book to Screen series, head to APOOO Bookclub via this [link].

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February 4, 2011

Check Out My Latest Piece "The Ups and Downs of Storytelling" at Daily Tablet

Do you know what the Daily Tablet [link] is?

Daily Tablet is a brand-spanking new site, and its goal is to deliver the latest, greatest, hottest and coolest writer-friendly stuff directly to your inbox each weekday.

I recently joined DT as a DT Expert, someone to help inspire writers to...well, WRITE!

My first monthly post is LIVE at the site today. Titled "The Ups and Downs of Storytelling," the short piece looks at the importance of minding the horizontal and vertical aspects of your story. To learn more, you can check out this link. The short piece is also available under DT's archives.

Come check out "The Ups and Downs of Storytelling" and let me know your thoughts! Also, make sure you subscribe to Daily Tablet so that you can get daily writing news in your inbox!