April 25, 2011

CLG Entertainment Offering Editorial Specials Now 'Til August 1!

For nine years, Shonell Bacon and CLG Entertainment has assisted writers in developing their craft through editorial, evaluation, and coaching services.

And now, from April 25 to August 1, Shonell is bringing her editorial services to clients--at a major discount.

Any work over 100 pages (25,000 words+) can save up to 50% on CLG Entertainment's already inexpensive fees.

Past, present, and repeat clients value what Shonell brings to their literary projects...

She was professional and prompt. Her keen eye, unique insight and constructive criticism made My Name Is Butterfly the gem of a novel it is today. I highly recommend her! ~Bernice L. McFadden, author of Sugar and Glorious

 Shonell Bacon is Proactive, Productive and Professional. Ms. Bacon is a true blessing to the literary world. Her direct and thorough approach to editing allows the author a candid retrospective into their novel. Shonell incorporates recommendations, options and understanding of the novel via her editorial services. Shonell Bacon is a diamond in the rough. ~Sharmina T. Ellis, Vice President, 5ive Star Publications

Shon's editorial skills reflect consistency as she has a keen eye for detail to go along with her knowledge of the English language. Bearing the understanding of a novel's fluidity, her constructive criticism boosted my perspective of polishing my work more efficiently. Even when two hurricanes rocked Southeastern Texas and her home-base of Louisiana in the same month, she still managed to communicate with me in regards to finishing the edits to my novel. That's the epitome of dedication and professionalism. ~King Dhakir, author of I Hate My Job

If you are looking to shape up a project right now for publication or for submitting to agents and publishing houses, you definitely need to check out CLG Entertainment. At the website (http://www.clg-entertainment.com), you can learn about Shonell's editing philosophy, read what other clients have said about her, and more.

And if you're ready to take that jump and make your writing stand OUT in a crowd, then you can contact Shonell directly at sdb6812@hotmail.com to learn about CLG-E's special fees!

To Writer with Love ~ Writers write; Editors Edit

In my latest The Blood-Red Pencil post, "To Writer with Love ~ Writers write; Editors edit," I offer more advice to writers about what it is editors do, and what writers should be doing. Check it out and leave comments, thanks! [link]

April 14, 2011

Shonell Bacon: The Editor

Learn more about my editorial services at CLG Entertainment. I'm affordable, pretty fast, love to teach through editing, and my clients don't think I'm half-bad either. Some of their testimonials are at the site, too!

April 6, 2011

Latest Daily Tablet Piece: A Look into Writers Boot Camp, Part Two

Do you know what the Daily Tablet [link] is?

Daily Tablet is a brand-spanking new site, and its goal is to deliver the latest, greatest, hottest and coolest writer-friendly stuff directly to your inbox each weekday.

I recently joined DT as a DT Expert, someone to help inspire writers to...well, WRITE!

Last month, I offered a sneak peek into my Writers Boot Camp, and this month, I continue that "peek" with a look at the second assignment I give clients who pursue WBC with me.

Come check out "A Look into Writers Boot Camp, Part Two: Plot" and let me know your thoughts! Also, make sure you subscribe to Daily Tablet so that you can get daily writing news in your inbox!

Here's the [link]!

I Talk about "Fellowship at Hardee's" and Oil and Water Anthology

As most know, my short story "Fellowship at Hardee's" is part of the anthology Oil and Water and Other Things That Don't Mix.

All proceeds from the anthology go to directly benefit MOBILE BAYKEEPER and BAY AREA FOOD BANK, two charities helping to combat the effects of the spill and help the communities affected.

Over at the Oil and Water blog, I talk about how the idea of "Fellowship at Hardee's" came to me and why I decided to submit it for possible publication in the anthology.

Check it out [now]!