November 4, 2009

The Inspiration to Write: Author, Poet Chamsil

The Writer

CHAMSIL (pronounced "shahm-sill") is a Kalamazoo, Michigan-bred/Orlando, Florida-based writer, poet, spoken word artist, spoken word radio show host and author of five books/stories that have been released via the web which include Of This Analverse (An Erotiq Comedy), The Exploitation of Innocence (A Story), The Khaos of Kai, eThugs R Us, and Ten Thirty-Eight. He can be reached directly at

Chamsil is all over the internet; check him out at...

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The Books

Cincinnati, Ohio. 21st Century.

Kommandhoe and Boogieman claim to be the hardest, toughest, and most hardcore thugs wreaking complete havoc and sheer intimidation in their urban wasteland...which happens to

be the information superhighway.

However, when their threats befall the 'wrong' individual, the anty is upped, the stakes are raised and they become the targets...literally.

Time is not on their side...

They just don't know it yet...

Detroit, Michigan. 21st Century.

Jacorri Isaacs is a young man simply trying to make it. By sixteen, he had seen his parents split up and endured the struggle of coming up in a single-parent household, but he's remained resilient through it all.

When faced with a proposition that could catapult him into manhood, he is forced to decide whether or not to succumb to forces that not only will test him from an emotional perspective, but primarily from a physical one.

This is the simply...The crazy life & times of Jacorri Isaacs.

Both eThugs R Us and Ten Thirty-Eight are downloadable for FREE via Chamsil's MySpace page.


What inspires you to write?

My greatest inspiration to write comes from just having a creative soul. I experience great excitement by being able to come up with a captivating book, story, poem, and/or characters that resonate with readers so profoundly, that they can totally see themselves in the things that I write. I am greatly inspired by the things that I see around me, as well. It is also people who give me inspiration to write. In 2008, I wrote a novel, that was solely intended to be distributed via the internet, titled "Of This Analverse" (An Erotiq Comedy). The book was well-received by the hundred-plus people who downloaded and read it and I was very happy with both the results and responses. One of my friends, that I network with, was so captivated by one of the characters in the book, that she insisted that I should write something with that same character being the focal point in a proposed new book idea. The end result: "The Khaos of Kai" was another hit on the web. I was also, very pleased with the reception and feedback. Also, my keen visual sense, enables triggers in my brain to expand something, initially small, into something so powerful and poignant that sometimes my finished product sends chills up my own spine. It's kind of scary. I just love creating. I'll keep creating for as long as God gives me life and the ability to do so.

Where do you find inspiration to create your stories?

I get inspired by a wide variety of things. I'm always online, so it could be something that I read or see that may motivate me to write. It could be people that I talk to, that are going through the motions of life, that may prompt me to craft something. It could be something that I'm going through, in my own personal life, that could prompt a story to be written. Then also, it could just be my crazy mind that goes into overdrive and begin crafting with that trigger. A perfect example of that is a literary piece that I wrote titled, "Cleodis" (The Bedroom Gangsta). This character is no way, shape or form, a reflection of who I am, but I went crazy when I wrote this character and how he handles himself in an "intimate" encounter with the fairer sex. I really enjoyed writing that. The bad thing about it is, my mind seems to always be thinking of new things to write, even when I really would prefer to relax. I think this is a clear indication that I need to be writing full-time. I strongly believe that writing is my calling. I have so many ideas and concepts that are sitting on my mental shelf, that NEED to be taken off and read. They need to be displayed for the whole world to see. I'm on my way. It is just going to take a little time, that's all. But, I am patient.


From eThugs R Us

DATE: 03/26/2009
TIME: 03:37 AM EST

(Kerry Hicks)

I wake up
Drenching from fucked up dream
Definition of a nightmare
Oh such a stream
Open my refrigerator
Almost empty
Because I ain't got paid yet
Rubbing my stomach
Like I'm a starvation patient
It is what it is
Got saltines up top
A Two-Liter Sprite within
I got a full day tomorrow
So it won't be wise
To spike with Gin
I stride within
The confines of my pad
But there's no way I'll return to slumber
My computer is calling me
She definitely has learned my number
I answer
Sit down and get comfortable
Totally glued to the news
That she has just begun to show
An innocent woman left dead
Off top
Somebody really blew her mind
Punch keys
Electrodes magnetize
I have great balance on my board
Ride the wave
Like I'm the raddest guy
I inadvertently notice the banner
For a networking site
Called Crew Flame
Never seen this before
So to me
This is a new name
I enter it
Look around
Observe the members
Plenty fine women
About nine gremlins
I'm all in them
But definitely not the men
What's this?
A Chat button
Entry denied
Signed up
As Chad Butler
Walked in the room
And there was mad cussing
Everything fathomable
I observed
The perfect avenue
To strike a nerve
Spark beef
Like hamburger
On a charcoal grill
I can already picture
How many fuckers
That I'm gonna kill
I've suffered enough
Now I'm in charge
Get at my buddy Alvin
See what he thinks
We'll chop it up tomorrow
At Hooters
Order about three drinks
Or more...

From Ten Thirty-Eight

Hello there. My name is Jacorri Isaacs. I am a sixteen year old, who hails from the Motor City of Detroit, Michigan. East Side, baby! Or more specifically, the land of East Side Hoes And Money, as the legendary rapper, Esham, so eloquently put it many, many years ago, after the release of his debut album, Boomin’ Words from Hell. Ever heard it before? Probably not. That album was very, very underground and came out in the year nineteen hundred and eighty-nine, which was four years before I even came into existence on this fucking planet.

I’m a young dude, but my older cousins, Marcus and Nitto, got me hip to all the old-school music, which makes me feel as if I grew up in the exact same period in which the music actually was pumping out of the various whips that navigated down Jefferson, Woodward, Gratiot or any other popular Detroit throughway. I got much love for my city, regardless of what any newspaper, news station, local or national, has to say about it. What do I say in response to the hate? Simply...“FUCK THEM!” But, it’s not about them. It’s all about me and what I want to share with you, at this moment.

I am an only child, who lives with my father, Walter Lee, a construction worker who has struggled most of my life to keep a roof over both of our damn heads. But, my father has done everything within his power to keep us maintained. Even if that meant that he wasn’t able to spend as much time with me. But, I totally understood. No matter what the situation was or how strenuous things became, I’ve always known that my father loved me. I, in return, loved and still love him with all of my heart.

We’re all we got...

Both eThugs R Us and Ten Thirty-Eight are downloadable for FREE via Chamsil's MySpace page.

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