May 8, 2009

Author Tressie Lockwood Talks Interracial Romance

The Writer

Tressie Lockwood has always loved books, and she enjoys writing about heroines who are overcoming the trials of life. She writes straight from her heart, reaching out to those who find it hard to be completely themselves no matter what anyone else thinks. She hopes her readers will enjoy her short stories. You can learn more about Tressie at her website.

The Book

Nita is jealous of her friend Zandrea when she finds a man that is everything she could ever hope for, and nothing would make Nita happier than if she were to find someone of her own. When not one but two men begin to pursue her, she doesn't know what to do. The less intimidating of the two, the younger, mysterious man, Deandre, might be the better choice. But Lucas will not take no for an answer when he spots the woman he wants in his bed. And despite being warned by her friends that Lucas is not what he seems and is too much for a gentle woman like Nita, she can't seem to stay away from him. Still, Deandre has plans for the sweet Nita, and he will do whatever is necessary to make her give him what he wants.

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Interracial Romance

What moved you to write interracial romances?
I have had a few relationships with Caucasian men. I love the diversity of the races, the different backgrounds and even the skin color difference. I also am a romantic at heart, so I thought why not combine the two in my writing, especially when there was a time in my life when I was not so confident about dating outside my race. And for real, what woman hasn’t fantasized about a hot British man. My character, Asia, in “A Friend and a Lover” gets to enjoy Colin, a British Caucasian man, and readers absolutely loved the story. That story was all about experiencing something I might never get to have, like I believe many people read interracial romance for.

Is the difference of race between the main characters always a conflict within your books?
No, it’s never the main focus at all, but it does come up because in my real life even when we are so used to seeing interracial couples, race differences come up, and there might be that one family member or friend who doesn’t like it. That’s still true, so while it’s not the main conflict, it does exist in my writing to a small degree. Also, some people might not have stepped out of their comfort zone and gone after what they really want. My character Diamond in her story titled “Diamond” made many poor choices, and one of them was sticking to men who just weren’t right for her. When a good man came along, she wasn’t sure if she should go for it because he was of a different race. We shouldn’t be so narrow-minded or we could miss a good thing. But the main conflict in

Diamond was not about whether to date a white man. It was more about Diamond growing as a woman, learning that she was worth more than just as a man’s play thing.

Have you ever received negative comments about your work, and if so, what?
Yes, I have, but it had nothing to do with a work being an interracial romance. I think people sometimes assume that if they haven’t had an experience or anyone they know haven’t, then it could never happen. We live in a great big world, with a vast array of people. The things I write about are more often than not draw from real life, whether it is mine or the guy that goes to my church. *wink*

What has been the overall positive reception to your work?
The overall positive reception is that my characters are like real people experiencing some of the same issues, the drama that we all deal with or know someone who is dealing with it. I think we’d all like to be rich, a self-made millionaire, but in reality most of us are struggling to make ends meet or living paycheck to paycheck. I love developing my heroines as being just that, and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

Here we are in 2009 - how open do you think people are to seeing...and reading about interracial love? Do you think there's still a stigma to these relationships?
I think a whole lot more people are open to it now. But I also think that there is still the stigma. I think we’d be surprised at home many people fantasize about the experience and might never come to a place where they date someone outside their race, so they get to enjoy it in books. So I believe that interracial love in books will only grow more popular.

Any closing comments you'd like to make regarding writing interracial romances?
The interracial romance market might be small, but it’s growing and it is in demand. Readers can’t get enough, and as long as I can come up with new ideas, I’m going to create stories. My heroines will always be real people just like me, sometimes struggling, but always open to that special someone who happens to be a different race than mine. And I encourage readers and authors alike to expand your horizons. Enjoy interracial romance in other genres such as science fiction and paranormal and fantasy.

The Excerpt


Lucas leaned back in his chair and took on an expression of boredom. He let his gaze sweep the room, categorizing every woman as he went, who would be good to fuck, who he already had—and of course, who to avoid at all costs.

Deliberately ignoring Gloria meant nothing to her. She slunk to his side and rested long manicured nails on his thigh with a pout planted on her red lips.

Even before her hand slid higher to stroke his shaft, he had begun to harden. No matter how she had betrayed him, he still loved her. She was the only woman he ever would love, maybe even the only person he’d ever care about outside of his half brother Brant.

“What the fuck do you want, Gloria? Run out of lovers for the night?” he spat. He’d displayed too much vehemence when he should have been indifferent.

Her smirk told him she had noticed. “Aw, still pining for me, baby?” She stroked him harder, and damn if he wasn’t ready to come. He shoved her hand away and stood. Gloria wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her forehead on the back of his shoulder. At one time he thought it sexy as hell her being that small.

“Get lost, Gloria,” he muttered with more control this time. “I’m meeting someone here. My newest bed partner, so don’t get in my way.”

“What?” She lifted her head and searched much like he did. “Which one is it? No, matter. You can tell her you’re taken for the night. Remember how we used to fuck all night long?”

“Not really.” He freed himself and walked out onto the dance floor, looking for a likely target, anyone he could use to put some distance between himself and Gloria. If she hung on him much longer, he’d give into her and wake up with a shattered heart the next morning. He may have liked to walk around like he was made of ice as the others had described him, but the truth was a whole other story.

A young woman with her back to him, swaying to the rhythm of the music, caught his attention. From his vantage point, she had an ass he’d like to ride and smooth brown skin that looked sweet like sugar. He scanned the area near her and found no man lingering close enough to claim her—not that it would have mattered—and he sidled up behind her.

Matching her movements, he swayed with her and leaned down to kiss her neck. She gasped and would have moved away, but he caught her around the waist. “No, don’t move. Just turn your head and let me get a taste of that mouth.”

“What?” She elbowed him and spun around with her hands on her hips and eyebrows lowered in a scowl. “How dare you presume I want to kiss you?”

Lucas blinked and took a step back. The studious one. What was her name? This was one of Zandrea’s friends. The name slipped into his mind. Nita. He stood there staring at her while she railed at him, probably going through the expansive vocabulary she had picked up in all the years she’d been in university. He wondered what fears kept her from actually living rather than hiding out as a student for so long.

Whatever the reason, he needed her right now, whether she knew it or not. He had seduced many women in his time, and this sexy little thing wouldn’t be any different.

While she continued to complain, Lucas reached across the space between them and scooped her up close to his chest. He was aware that he was exuding the pheromones that would make her melt in his arms, and that was just fine with him. Without hesitation, he lowered his head and covered her protesting mouth with his own. The second he slid his tongue between her luscious lips, she melted.

Deepening the kiss, he tightened his hold and ran a hand up her back to cup her head. His shaft, which had begun to calm walking away from Gloria, hardened all over again with his body pressed to Nita’s. She was not his type, if he truly had one. He liked petite blondes, aggressive little wolf shifter females that could give as much as they got. But the sweet thing in his arms was leggy and tall. Her handful sized breasts, pressed into his chest was nothing like what he usually went after, yet still, he was about ready to burst kissing her.

“Come to one of the back rooms with me,” he demanded when he pulled back.

Her large brown eyes were unfocused, and her lips were swollen from his kiss. She nodded unsteadily. “Yes.”

“Hell no!” someone snapped.

Lucas looked up over Nita’s head to the angry woman behind her. This was the other friend, the toughest of the three who would probably attempt to kick his ass should he try to take Nita for his own pleasure.

“This has nothing to do with you,” he told her. “Nita is a grown woman who can decide who she takes as a lover.”

“Whatever.” Stacy snatched his prize from his arms. “She’s not going anywhere with you. I saw you before.” She nodded to a point somewhere behind him. “Over there letting that woman rub all up on you. So when you got bored with her, you came over here to get Nita. I’m not having it.”

Lucas felt his eyes darken in anger and was glad of the low lights to hide the change. He breathed in and out a few times to calm himself, but it wasn’t working. Instead, dislike of this woman ran through him. He glanced down at Nita. With his anger up, his seduction had eased. Nita blinked as if her mind was clearing from a fog. Damn. He still wanted her, and this woman wasn’t going to keep her from him.

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