August 22, 2008

Faith & Writing: James A. Jimason, author of Give Me Destiny

The Author

James A. Jimason has a passion to see all people fulfill their God ordained Destiny. From this passion was birth the phrase; “Destiny is calling you. Can you hear it?”™ He is a dynamic Bible teacher and has published four books, with a fifth book coming this fall 2008, entitled “God’s House.” He has a three-year diploma in Ministerial Studies from the Spirit of Faith Bible Institute. He is a devoted husband, a proud father, a son, and most of all – a man of God.

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The Book

Give Me Destiny is a powerful book that will change your thinking, thereby changing your course to reach your Destiny. If you want to fulfill the “call” of God upon your life then do not hesitate to get this book! Many people walk aimlessly through life with no real sense of purpose, hoping that life will get better on its own. God has a plan and Destiny for your life, which is not defined by the circumstances of your conception, or the challenges of your childhood. As you read this book, you will find the courage to claim the prize – called Destiny!

James and GIVE ME DESTINY have been featured @ ICE Business Network, Anointed Soundz Radio, and iRockTalkRadio!

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The Question: How does your faith, your spirituality integrate itself into your writing?

My faith is the foundation of all my books and therefore automatically influences what I write and establishes the reason I write. My main objective is to influence my readers with sound Biblical principles and insights that will help them achieve their goals and aspirations in life. There is a Destiny with our names on it and it is imperative that we embrace it and fulfill it. The beauty I find in sharing my faith in my writing is knowing that my readers have something real that they can glean from, real circumstances that show how God works things out in everyday life. Not only am I “preaching” the power of Destiny in my writing, I am also living it – everyday. My readers can see my faith by my actions (James 2:18-24) and know that God is real. From my experiences with God and knowledge of the Bible, I have to conclude: “Destiny is calling you. Can you hear it?”™


Bev Mahone said...

Nice to see this write-up about Jim. I met him briefly during a book festival in Baltimore a few years ago. He remains true to his faith as a writer and as a man. He will be enrichly blessed

Beverly Mahone
Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age

Shonell Bacon said...

Thanks for stopping by, Beverly!

James A. Jimason said...

Hi Beverly,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving the wonderful comment.

God bless you,


Poetic Genesis said...

Another great interview and nice book cover!